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Radioactive cat “bomb”

Terrorist cat?

A US driver was stopped on suspicion of being a terrorist after his radioactive cat was mistaken for a bomb. Anti-terror cops using specialist radiation detectors on motorway traffic flagged down the man.

But a search of his car revealed only his cat who had undergone radiotherapy for cancer three days earlier.

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Praying Mantis dog

dog joins temple

A chihuahua has begun joining in daily prayers at a Buddhist temple in Japan. Attendances have increased by 30% since temple pet, two-year-old Conan, started attending.

Conan sits on his hind legs, raises his paws and puts them together at the tip of his nose, reports the BBC.

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D.B. Cooper’s parachute?


There could be a major break in the biggest crime mystery in Northwest history.

According to the KOIN (6) website: The FBI in Seattle has begun analysis of a long-buried parachute – the same type used by skyjacker D.B. Cooper when he jumped from an Northwest Orient Airlines 727 with a 25 pound money bag containing $200,000 dollars ransom on Thanksgiving eve 1971.

The children of a Clark County contractor found the parachute buried in a field that their father has recently plowed for a road. The chute is white and conical shaped, dirty and deteriorated. Seattle Agent Larry Carr will clean it and search for a label, which could match the chute to a companion reserve chute left behind by Cooper in the plane.

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