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Geographic gone wild? Nope. Harvard Lampoon.

Harvard Lampoon


It looks like a typical National Geographic cover with the signature yellow border. So what’s Paris Hilton doing on there? The folks at Harvard Lampoon persuaded employees of one of the nation’s most respected magazines to help them ensure their April Fool’s parody – with satire on Mongolia’s wildest waterparks and “Native Girls Gone Wild” – looked authentic.

The issue, coming out Tuesday, is the latest in a string of Harvard Lampoon magazine parodies. But the undergraduate group had never done National Geographic, which quickly responded when contacted by the students last summer.

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Snakes alive!

dancer slithers out of fine

A belly dancer was let off after parking on a double yellow line with her engine running to keep her snakes warm. She said she had to keep them cosy so they would not fall asleep before she took them on stage for her act.

The woman, from London, claimed it was a genuine excuse for parking illegally outside the venue as she unloaded her gear.


The judge agreed.

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