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Push me, Pull you tandem bike

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A Taiwanese inventor has created a face-to-face tandem, and is in negotiations with factories to have it mass-produced.

Chen Yugang, the director of a creation centre at Far East University in Tainan city, took a year to build the bike, reports local TV station TVBS.

“On a traditional two-person bicycle, the rider in the rear seat can only see the back of the one in front. So I started wondering how I could get them sitting face-to-face,” he said.

His new bicycle can be ridden face-to-face, conventionally or even back-to-back as the seats rotate and the gears can be set to move the bike in either direction.

April 8, 2008 - Posted by | Bikes, cool stuff

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  1. Anyone else see a safety problem here?


    Can you lean right so I can see the oncoming semi that is going to hit us please?

    Comment by Mike | April 9, 2008

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