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Attn mail carriers: Watch out for wild turkeys (Thanks Geoff)

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Rather than rain or snow, or even dogs, postal workers in a West Side neighborhood near Owen Conservation Park are being pestered by wild turkeys this spring. Mara Wilhite, manager of the Hilldale Station Post Office, said she expected to deal with all manner of issues when she went to work for the U.S. Post Office. But that was not one of them.

“Just when you thought you’d heard it all,” she said.

About five to 10 of the birds have been pecking at the postal workers as they make their rounds, and some of the birds have attacked the letter carriers with the sharp spurs on their legs. One of the birds went through the open door of a mail truck and scratched the driver.

…Postal workers were armed with water pistols. But…, while the squirts of water worked for a while, the turkeys now seem accustomed to it.

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Imagine his grocery bill…

More at bottomless stomach

A German has been dubbed “the man with the bottomless stomach” because of his massive appetite.

Heinz Asthoff binges on over 12,000 calories a day without gaining an ounce in weight, reports the Daily Telegraph. He was struck with his incurable hunger following the death of his wife 22 years ago.

On any given day he will eat a 2.2lb chunk of leberkase meat loaf, 5lb of potatoes, a dozen eggs, a pint of mayonnaise, pizzas, chips and sometimes as many as 20 meat patties.

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Speedy geezer bandit

wheelchair getaway

An elderly wheelchair-bound armed robber held up a bank in California – and got away. The white-haired, bearded robber, aged 65 to 70, was last seen speeding away on an electric wheelchair.

…He pointed a handgun at a cashier and demanded cash, according to police. Police did not get a good image of the man from CCTV as the hood of his sweatshirt was pulled over his head.

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Can personality be transplanted?

More at the Daily Mail

Yesterday, the Mail told the extraordinary story of how a heart transplant recipient in America committed suicide – just like the man whose heart he had received 12 years previously. In another extraordinary twist, it emerged that the recipient had also married the donor’s former wife.

So can elements of a person’s character – or even their soul – be transplanted along with a heart?

One woman who believes this to be the case is CLAIRE SYLVIA, a divorced mother of one.

She was 47 and dying from a disease called primary pulmonary hypertension when, in 1988, she had a pioneering heartlung transplant in America.

She was given the organs of an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident near his home in Maine.

Claire, a former professional dancer, then made an astonishing discovery: she seemed to be acquiring the characteristics, and cravings, of the donor.


Claire Sylvia has written a book about her experiences. There is an extract from that book here that is well worth reading. It’s a strange story but there are other examples of the same sort of thing happening to transplant recipients.

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