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Oooo! Don’t squeeze the tummy, lady!

More at Garfield ?

A two-and-a-half stone [35 pounds] cat has been hailed a real life Garfield in Italy. Orazio looks like not only the cat that got the cream but who ate the whole cow too.

Just like lasagne loving Garfield, this fat cat grew to such a gargantuan size by guzzling all the food treats that his native Italy can provide.


This is a kitty headed for a short life.

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The bean diet? Really?

Beanz meanz lean

An Essex man has lost 10 stone [140 pounds] in nine months – by eating six cans of baked beans a day.

Neil King, 40, has munched his way through more than half a tonne of beans in that time, reports the Daily Mirror.


Oh, yeah. There’s more at the link above.

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