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Update: Monday’s Phoenix lights. It’s not an invasion after all.

Monday’s mysterious lights

There could be a more down-to-earth explanation behind the strange lights that appeared over Phoenix on Monday night, according to one Phoenix man.

Lino Mailo, 44, said he saw his neighbor launch several helium balloons with flares attached to them from the back porch of his north Phoenix home. Mailo said the balloons took off about 8 p.m., right before the mysterious lights were spotted.

“It’s pretty tricky, because the higher the balloons get, the harder it is to tell what they are,” Mailo said.

A helicopter pilot with the Phoenix police department who was flying last night also saw the objects and said they appeared to simply be some flares hanging from helium balloons. Mailo said he has no idea why his neighbor released the balloons, but he regrets not filming the act.

“I feel bad for the people freaking out about this,” Mailo said. “I could’ve put this whole thing to rest.”

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