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In case you couldn’t tell, that’s a dog.


Hungarian Puli sheep dog, Fee, jumps over a hurdle during a preview for a pedigree dog show in Dortmund , Germany.

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Holey turf, Batman!

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A Cedar Rapids man mowing his lawn has stumbled into a big hole — but the origin is a mystery. Rick Thompson discovered the hole on Wednesday. He says the grass seemed a little soft in that spot, and he blamed it on the rain. Then his leg sank up to his calf. He grabbed the lawn mower to stop himself from sinking any more.

Thompson started digging around the hole, which turned out to be 7-10 feet deep, with water and rusty pipes in the bottom.

Thompson’s wife, Sharon, called the city, but even with expert help, no one could solve the mystery. She says some think it could be a well or an old septic tank.

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Electric irony

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A South African union was holding a public conference protesting against the country’s power crisis on Thursday when the lights went out.

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Everybody is a critic!

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A Hungarian singer ended up in the orchestra pit after the horse he was sitting on bolted mid-performance.

Zoltan Bereczky’s mount took off when he broke into song at a musical adaptation of Geza Gardonyi’s The Stars of Eger at the national theatre in Szeged, Hungary.

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But…the GPS said to…

Driver follows sat-nav into river

A Norfolk taxi driver ended up stranded after he followed his sat-nav system’s directions – into a river.

The mini-bus driver was on his way to collect a fare in Castle Acre, near King’s Lynn, when he took a wrong turn into the River Nar. Fortunately he had no passengers aboard – but he did have the embarrassment of having to ring his bosses for help, reports Lynn News.

Streamline Taxis owners Keith Jarvis and Pat Bowles took along a towrope, expecting to find the eight-seater minibus just off the ford. But Mr Jarvis said: “It took ages to find him and we couldn’t believe it when we saw where he was – it was several hundred yards along the river! The vehicle still had its engine running and headlights on, and he was sitting in it with his trousers rolled up round his knees. I shone a torch in the river and there were fish swimming around the headlights.”

Pat Bowles added: “Normal people would stop and back out but because his sat-nav told him to keep going that’s what he did.

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Petrol price in England twice what it is in US


People in the US are reportedly changing their holiday plans – after petrol reached the “ridiculous” price of up to 50p a litre. The national average for unleaded fuel is $3.53 a US gallon – which works out at just over 47p a litre. But the price in California, the most expensive state for ‘gas’ in the US, has reached 51p a litre with diesel even higher at 59p.

US motorists will get little sympathy from their British counterparts where petrol is well over £1 a litre and diesel around £1.20.


100p per pound. You do the math.

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Ananova – Feeling light-headed!


A Dutch artist has come up with a technique for making realistic life-size models of human heads – out of paper.

Bert Simons, 42, from Rotterdam, uses Computer Aided Design and illustration programs to make his 3D paper portraits and sculptures. He first creates a computer model of his subjects and then flattens the model into its component parts. Once a template is created he can print it out on a sheet of paper to cut out and reassemble.

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