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Toilet art?

Times Online

A public lavatory that looks like Darth Vader’s spaceship has been shortlisted for the best new building in Britain award by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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r u redy 2 go?

Wots happng?

Tauranga [New Zealand} police were soon on to the pair when security alarms went off about midnight on Wednesday at a scrap metal yard.

Police arrived to find one of the men inside the yard perimeter fence, said Senior Sergeant Wayne Hunter. During the arrest a text message came through on the man’s mobile phone.

“It was from his mate waiting down the road in a getaway car wanting to know if he had finished,” Mr Hunter said. “The message read, to the effect, “wots happng, r u redy 2 go’.”

Police grabbed the phone and sent a reply – ‘yep cum now we r redy 2 go.’ Within minutes the second offender duly appeared – and walked into the arms of the waiting law.

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So — What’s your handicap? Ever had a hole-in-one?


While relatively new to the game, Frank Peter has become a familiar presence at city golf courses. One aspect of the game that has eluded him, however, was the coveted hole-in-one.

All that changed last week when he aced the 139-yard, Par 3 14th hole on the Battlefield course at Legends on the Niagara.

“I have always dreamed of getting a hole-in-one. I grabbed the flag stick and yelled out a big, ‘woo hoo,’ ” Peter said with a laugh.FIRST TO OFFER

What makes his accomplishment all the more rewarding is the fact the 41-year-old Niagara Falls man is a paraplegic and uses a specially designed golf cart to play his new-found favourite game.

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$300,000 Watch tells you if it is day or night…no, really.


A $300,000 watch? Luxury. A $300,000 watch that doesn’t tell time — and that sells out? Pure genius.

According to several news reports flagged by my friends at Luxist, Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome just launched the “Day&Night” watch. The watch won’t tell you what time it is. That’s so yesterday. But it does tell you whether it’s day or night — helpful, I guess, for billionaire types who can’t afford windows.

As the company’s Web site boasts: “With no display for the hours, minutes or seconds, the Day&Night offers a new way of measuring time, splitting the universe of time into two fundamentally opposing sections: day versus night.”


And splitting its’ new owner from $300,000. What sort of moron would buy this thing?

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Disgruntled chef: Chop Chop!!

The Daily Record

A crazed Chinese chef challenged the boss who had just sacked him to a duel – with meat cleavers. Xian Ming Wang grabbed the knives after arguing with takeway owner Tat Chung Cheung over a work permit.

Wang placed a cleaver on the counter of the busy shop and screamed: “One for me and one for you.” He then vowed to chop Mr Cheung up, adding: “I have already chopped up a man – and I will do the same to you.”

Wang, 37, was jailed for seven months at Dumbarton Sheriff Court yesterday.

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