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I decided to send you [the Coast To Coast AM site] pix of my scalar/radionics machine(s). This machine took me a long time to build… to figure out all the components etc. All is hand made and by trial and error. She is extremely powerful. Using the machine to supercharge drink and food, my dog has now acquired a measurable aura of over 24 feet radius……. my cat has one of over 5′ radius. Most humans I measure have from about 6″ to 2 foot at the very most. My 10 year old dog’s vision – which was about 64% two month ago is now up to close to 100% again….. her eyes are all clear again. I put her Polaroid photo together with a confirmation in the machine and monitored the progress of her vision recovery every other day.

Using the ‘Bovis Scale’ as a reference (you have to google that if you don’t know what it means) , the radiated Bovis field of the device has an astronomical value of 600 Million digits. 5 digits or the real value of 6500 is the neutral value on that open-ended scale. To supercharge one gallon of tap water to the max. mentioned value takes about three seconds. Needless to say – I take nothing in that is just plain. All is supercharged. The purpose of this machine is mainly for Remote Healing and ‘Potentizing’ anything. The total negativity output of the radiated field is a very low 3%. All that is needed is a good photo of a person or pet. All planes of existence are accessible and can be subject to manipulation….. that is correcting negative or abnormal conditions. The machine stands over three foot tall with the 6.5″ rose quartz sphere on top. The smaller input device to the right has a 5″ rose quartz sphere on top. The spheres work as a “spherical lens” to spread the field uniformly – rather than a narrow vertical vortex shooting out at the top without them…

Your guess is as good as mine, probably better. In case you want to buy some energized water or a machine of your own look here.

You’re on your own. And no, I haven’t been drinking or smoking wacky tabacky.


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