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From time to time I like to post a map to show where the visitors to Oldster’s View are from. Here’s the latest one. The bigger the dot the more activity from that area. Many thanks to you all.


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Maybe it’s easier if you can’t see

A 92-year-old West Sussex woman has become the world’s oldest partially sighted abseiler. Eve Mobbs, from Aldwick, abseiled down the outside of a multi-storey car park in Worthing.

Eve confessed to some last second nerves as she climbed onto the parapet to start her descent, reports the local Argus newspaper. But, after completing the abseil, she said: “That was fantastic. You never know, I might do it again.”

Mrs Mobbs made her world record attempt as part of a fundraising day for the charity 4Sight, the West Sussex Association for the Blind. She has suffered from wet macular degeneration in both eyes since she began studying for an Open University history degree ten years ago.

She also has glaucoma and cataracts which has left her with peripheral vision only.


Abseil = rappelling in the US

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Del Rio UFO Crash — 1955

A retired U.S. Air Force colonel and former fighter jet pilot says that he chased a UFO across West Texas and watched it crash along the Rio Grande River near Del Rio, Texas. Shortly after, he visited the crash site and saw a metallic object unlike any aircraft he had ever seen “sticking into the side of a hill.” Decorated World War II and Korean War veteran Robert B. Willingham, 82, discloses his strange 1955 encounter in a new book titled “The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico border,” written by UFO researchers Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte.


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Violators will be towed…by the ear


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I keep telling you and telling you. Don’t mess with oldtimers.

Walter and Ingeborg Funk were enjoying breakfast Saturday morning when there was a knock on the door. The 77-year-old man and his 81-year-old wife couldn’t find anyone at the front or back door. When they came back inside, they say 22-year-old Nicole Mason-Suares was coming out of their guest room.

As they confronted her, officials say she attacked Walter. Ingeborg ran to a bedroom and called 911. The elderly man and the young woman allegedly scuffled for several minutes inside the home and on the back patio.

He says she grabbed for a knife, which he wrangled out of her hands. Then he says she bit him on the leg. Walter says he then reached for some pliers nearby and struck Mason-Suares on the head.

When deputies arrived he had her pinned on the ground.

Tampa Bays Local News

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Beautiful and terrifying

A cloud of smoke and ash fills the sky after the eruption of the Chaiten volcano in southern Chile. The eruption, which began May 2, spewed incandescent material and blasted ash some 20 miles into the Andean sky, forcing authorities into a complete evacuation of the area.

Link, with more pictures

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A wonderful bird is the pelican, his beak holds more than his belly can

A swimmer is recovering after a pelican apparently diving for fish slammed into her face off Florida.

Debbie Shoemaker of Toledo, Ohio, was in the water Thursday near St. Petersburg when the pelican’s beak opened a gash in her face. She needed 20 stitches. The bird died.

The chief of the St. Petersburg Fire Department says he never heard of a diving pelican colliding with anyone. An expert surmises the bird was diving for fish and hit Shoemaker by accident.


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