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Firefighters in China found themselves in a sticky situation – after an accident involving a lorry load of glue.

A truck fully loaded with buckets of construction glue crashed into a bus in Chengdu city, reports West China City News. The driver and a passenger escaped with only minor injuries – but the entire load of glue spilled on to the road.

Firefighters tried to use water guns to dilute the glue but without success. And the glue was so sticky that their spades and brooms were soon stuck to the ground.

“It’s too sticky. And the chemical smell is very strong,” said the chief of 11th branch of the local firefighting department.

Things went from bad to worse when some of the growing crowd of onlookers slipped into the pool of glue and also got stuck.

Firefighters eventually managed to clean up the street and dissolve the sticky mess by using special chemicals.

Sticky situation

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