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In this case no newts isn’t good newts for UK taxpayers

A council spent £1million protecting rare newts on a building site – only to discover there were none there.

Leicestershire County Council delayed a major road-building scheme for three months after evidence of great crested newts was found on the site.

The species is protected by law, but after the authority paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for special newt-fencing and traps, not one of the rare creatures was discovered.

The action was taken on the strength of a report from environmental experts, which found there could have been between one and 10 of the 6in amphibians on the site.

save non-existent newts

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One small airplane ended up on top of another Thursday in a collision at Northwest Regional Airport, about 20 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

Nobody was seriously hurt in the accident as one plane apparently tried to land as the other was taking off.

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Well, there’s your problem. You’ve got a hippo stuck back here.

Actually, this man is cleaning a model crocodile before an exhibit in Manilla.


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