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Dead shark attacks teen…sort of

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A Dudley teenager has survived being bitten in the face by a shark – in his own bedroom. Sam Hawthorne, 14, was ‘attacked’ when he sleepwalked into a long-dead souvenir shark hanging on the wall, reports Metro.

He was left with the creature embedded in his cheek and blood pouring from a wound.


He’s OK. Just a small scar.

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So….Tasers are good for you?

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A quick shock from a Taser may have zapped a man’s fluttering heart back into a healthy rhythm, doctors reported on Tuesday.

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Defective Robot Animation

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Defective – Awesome Robot Animation“, posted with vodpod

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UK MoD: They were flying and unidentified but not UFO’s

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They were shaped like cigars, saucers, coffins and amorphous blinking blobs. They hovered in a menacing manner, traveled at impossible speeds and vanished into the netherworld, or, in one instance, a hedge in Cornwall.

A few carried humanoid life forms, or so it seemed. A few materialized courtesy of the observers’ possibly having had a drink too many, as in the case of an unidentified flying light cluster witnessed loitering in the sky by the patrons of a pub in Kent.

Whatever they were, these phenomena reported to the British Ministry of Defense over the years and made public this month were almost certainly not actual alien aircraft piloted by actual alien beings.


Wait a second. They were unidentified, flying, and objects of some sort. Isn’t that the definition of UFO? If you don’t know what they are how can you say what they aren’t?

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