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UFO explosion in Vietnam?

UFO explosion-Reuters

An unidentified flying object exploded in mid-air over a southern Vietnamese island, state media said Wednesday, a day after Cambodia’s air force retracted a report of a mysterious plane crash. The Vietnam News Agency said residents of Phu Quoc island, 10 km (6 miles) off the coast of the Cambodian province of Kampot, found shards of grey metal, including one 1.5 meters (1.5 yards) long.

“The explosion happened at about 8 km (5 miles) above the ground, and perhaps it was a plane, but authorities could not identify whether it was a civil or military aircraft,” VNA said in a report headlined “UFO explodes over Phu Quoc Island.”

Soldiers were sent out to look for wreckage and survivors, and local authorities contacted airlines in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, but received no reports of missing aircraft, the official state news agency added.


The man in the picture is carrying a piece of debris found by fisherman in the area of the explosion.

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Dumb Crook Bonus Feature

Bonus Dumb Crooks

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more about “FARK.com: Fark Video Player (3631855)…“, posted with vodpod

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Crime tip: When burgling be sure the house isn’t full of cops

Cops and robbers

Two Australian burglars broke into a house – only to find it full of police officers staging a drugs raid.

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A multi-talented man

milk from eyes

A Chinese man has stunned onlookers by demonstrating his ability to squirt milk out if his eyes. Zhang Yinming drank milk through his nose and then squirted it up to two metres with his eyes.

Zhang, from Shandong province, showed off his unusual skills in Nanjing city, the capital of Jiangsu Province.

He also used his ears to blow up two balloons at the same time, reports the People’s Daily.

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Today’s thought

Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.

Groucho Marx

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