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Elvis, the parrot terrorist

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He is not even human but Elvis ruffles so many feathers he is being threatened with an Asbo.

Elvis the parrot has been accused of dive-bombing people and wrecking street lights when owner Edward Pikul lets him out.

“He is a lovely pet and would never harm anybody. If I had to imprison him in his cage, I would rather get rid of him,” said 49-year-old Mr Pikul. “It’s true Elvis has a mischievous streak, he knows a few swear words and his shriek is quite loud but hes an ­abs­olute joy to have.”

But one resident complained: “The bird is a nuisance. Just because he likes the parrot doesnt mean he should terrorise the whole village with it.”

Since Mr Pikul got Elvis seven years ago, the macaw has become a regular sight in Wilsden, West Yorkshire.

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