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I can’t bear it

Talking teddy bear

Japanese scientists have developed a talking teddy bear to help drivers find their way through traffic. The robot bear, designed by Japanese scientists, is placed on the car dashboard and advises motorists which roads to take.

Robotics firm iXs Research Corporation, which has developed the bears and unveiled them this week, hopes to have them on the market in Japan next year.

“We want to make it more compact, and we’d like to offer a variety of shapes, including other characters and a plain mechanical version,” chief executive Fuminori Yamasaki told Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun newspaper.

The bear has got moving arms and neck so it can also point confused drivers in the right direction.

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Heavenly lunch?


A rich 80-year-old widow spent thousands of dollars on a “feast” for 100,000 people, hoping it would please the gods and open the doors of heaven for her. Our story says she spent $37,500 on the lunches.

For starters, there’s the math. It looks to me like she dropped a measly 38 cents per person. Hard to believe that counts as a feast, much less justifies the word “lavish” that local officials used to describe it.

Then there’s the theology. When you’re outside heaven trying to get in, you want a better argument than just, ”Well, I recently bought lunch.

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Driving tip: Don’t abandon car while it is in motion

Cyprus motor code: Reuters

Drivers in Cyprus have been told not to abandon their car in motion, or wave their hands and legs out of car windows.

This piece of advice is given in a new road safety code in the first major revamp of guidelines on driving practices in decades, the Phileleftheros daily reported.

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Mysterious Monsters prize

Mysterious Monsters – Yahoo! News

Bigfoot and lake monsters, beware: There’s a price on your heads.

Binocular manufacturer Bushnell, along with “Field & Stream” magazine, have teamed up to offer $1 million to anyone who can “provide an unaltered photograph/video, verified and substantiated by a panel of scientific experts [including a zoologist and biologist], the evidence required to prove a Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti exists.”

The contest started a few days ago and ends Dec. 15, but before heading out to claim your million, note that the rules’ fine print states that they are not liable for any injury incurred during a Bigfoot attack. A good quality Bigfoot image would make history; most photos are of such consistently poor quality that within the Bigfoot research community there’s even a name for a typical blurry “Bigfoot” image: blobsquatch.

This is, of course, a marketing promotion and not a genuine search for Bigfoot. There’s no way to authenticate a Bigfoot photograph by itself; the image is simply a two-dimensional pattern of pixels. To truly prove a Bigfoot exists, you’d need corroborating hard evidence like a body, teeth, or bones.

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Add petrol? At $4+ per gallon?


A cartoon issued to provide extra guidance on top of the “Olympic cheering practice” sessions that have been held for workers around Beijing for the last year shows a young girl in the approved postures.

In the first frame she is beginning to clap; in the second, doing a thumbs-up gesture; in the third, clapping again; and in the fourth, holding both arms up in the air.

In time, she also chants: “Aoyun! Jia You! Zhongguo! Jia You!” – meaning “Olympics! Add petrol! China! Add petrol!”

“Add petrol!”, the nation’s favourite sporting chant, is more usually translated as “Go, Go!”

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100,000 and counting

Sometime during last night Oldster’s View hit 100,000 views. Many thanks to all of you that have stopped by!

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