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You ain’t never gonna see no Unicorn…


This undated photo provided by the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, Italy, Wednesday, June 11, 2008, shows a deer with a single “horn” (really an antler) in the center of its head. The one-year-old Roe Deer – nicknamed “Unicorn’’ – was born in captivity in the research center’s park in the Tuscan town of Prato, near Florence,


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Another “Don’t mess with oldtimers”

wrong car

A Polish thief got more than he bargained for when he tried to steal a pensioner’s car – and the owner turned out to be a karate black belt. Wojciech Chomicki, 71, spotted him trying to make off with his car, ripped open the car door, flipped the 41-year-old thief out of the driver’s seat and pinned him to the ground with a choke hold while a pal called police.

A spokesman for police in Plock, northern Poland, said: “He saw the man breaking into his car from his kitchen window, ran outside and had him completely disabled on the floor as quick as a flash. When officers got there he seemed quite relieved to be released from the man’s grip. The thief picked the wrong car to steal.”

Chomicki has been a qualified teacher in Shotokan karate for more than 30 years and has been studying it for more than 50.

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A new meaning for “Public Service”

84 years

A 104-year-old grandmother has been cleaning the streets in her city in China for 84 years – for free. Ding Youzhen, of Anfeng town, Dongtai city, sweeps the roads near her home every day, reports the People’s Daily.

She says she got into the habit in her twenties when she and her husband ran a teahouse. “We would clean the roads from the port to our teahouse every day,” she said.

And although the teahouse closed several years ago, Ding said she had never got out of the habit of sweeping the roads.

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