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And they lived happily ever after…not

Crook prefers jail to wife

An Italian crook begged to go back to jail after telling wardens life behind bars was better than living with his wife again.

Prison bosses had freed Luigi Folliero, 45, to serve the second year of his two-year sentence for theft under house arrest. But after just two days at home he fled back to Ponte San Leonardo jail, near Naples, and pleaded to go back in his old cell because he could not stand being at home with his wife.

He told wardens: “She never stops moaning and nagging.”

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Would it help if he said he’s sorry?

Transit worker stole $375,000

A former Calgary Transit worker [D.J. Hamilton] has admitted stealing more than $375,000 from the city over seven years by palming coins off a conveyor belt, stashing the money in his locker and packing it into a knapsack before he left work each day…

…the agreed statement of facts entered into the court record Thursday suggests Hamilton’s theft came to light due to anonymous tips that led to an investigation by the city’s corporate security department.

Through a special court, the city was able to recover approximately $249,769.66.

Hamilton told the city’s corporate security department that the “bulk of the money he stole from the city had remained in his garage and was seized” under the order.


According to Hamilton’s attorney Hamilton says he’s sorry. I wonder if he is sorry he did it, or sorry he was caught. After all, this went on for almost 20 years.

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Tree Grown From 2000 year old seed

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Scientists have managed to grow a new sapling from a 2,000-year old [Methuselah] palm [seed] which was excavated in Masada. The plant has been growing for 26 months now and is four-feet tall.

The tree is called a Judean date tree and is now extinct in Israel, where the seed was found.

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