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Earth and the Space Station from the shuttle

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That’ll show them…KABOOM!

Pensioner destroys flats to kill ants

A Polish pensioner destroyed an entire block of flats when he poured insecticide down a ventilation shaft after being driven potty by ants.

Marcin Bartosz, 74, used gallons of insecticide but when it seemed to have no effect on the insects he threw a burning towel after it.

The explosion left the block of flats in Lublin in eastern Poland in ruins and Bartosz in hospital with third degree burns.

Miraculously, none of his neighbours was injured in the accident.

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St. Bernard 1, Bear 0

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A black bear that challenged a St. Bernard in the rural Alaska village of Galena on Friday afternoon evidently bit off more than it could chew. The dog ended up chasing the bear into the woods after what Galena Police Chief John Millan described as “a brief altercation.”

“I think the bear pretty clearly lost,” Millan said by phone. “It was last seen running into the woods.”

The dog, an adult St. Bernard that Millan described as a “monster of a dog” in terms of size, was uninjured in the encounter.

“That’s the friendliest dog in the world but I don’t think he wanted that bear around his family’s house,” the police chief said. “He’s very gentle but evidently very protective of his family.”

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