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Not a good way to impress traffic cops

traffic cop goes for a ride

A Russian drunk driver knocked over a traffic policeman then drove for about 1 km (0.6 miles) with the officer clinging to the roof of his car, local police said on Friday.

The motorist only came to a halt after the policeman on the roof fired eight rounds from his pistol, police in the Khabarovsk region, on Russia’s Pacific coast, said in a statement.

The driver was unhurt and is in jail awaiting charges, while the traffic policemen only sustained a graze to his right arm, the statement said.

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Surprise! There’s a 6ft snake in the toilet

More at 6ft snake found in toilet

A six [foot long] snake has been found in the toilet bowl of a 10th floor flat in Australia. It’s believed the black-headed python had been living in the plumbing of the Darwin building for some time.

Snake expert Chris Peberdy rescued it after the tenants of the apartment got the shock of their lives, the Northern Territory News reports.

“When I saw it I was pretty shocked,” Mr Peberdy said. “It’s one thing in the Territory to have a green frog in the toilet … but not a six-foot python.”

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Think of the cost of the shampoo!

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An Australian man says he hasn’t had a haircut or a shave for more than a decade [and his]…free-flowing locks and beard have become something of an attraction in Elmhurst, Victoria.

The 42-year-old insists he has not had so much as a trim in more than ten years – and to the consternation of local barbers, he has no plans to start now.

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For whatever reason, UFO reports seem to be increasing again

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Police gave chase to a UFO after it almost collided with their helicopter, it is reported. The police helicopter crew gave chase over Cardiff, according to The Sun.

The mystery aircraft zoomed straight at the chopper as the three-man cop crew prepared to land near a military base. The pilot was forced to bank sharply to avoid being hit by the mystery aircraft as the helicopter was returning to the Ministry of Defence base of St Athan, near Cardiff.

The three person crew described the UFO as ‘flying saucer-shaped’.


Wait for it: Someone is bound to claim a tie-in with the Cardiff Giant.

UFO enthusiasts got a boost Friday when Welsh police confirmed that one of their helicopter crews had spotted an “unusual aircraft” flying over Cardiff earlier this month. An investigation into the sighting had been launched, they said.

The police clarification came after The Sun reported a UFO had “attacked” a police helicopter, following it for several miles over the Bristol Channel. “The pilot banked sharply to avoid being hit, then launched into a high-speed pursuit. But he was forced to give up the chase as the helicopter’s fuel ran low — and the UFO escaped,” the tabloid reported. The helicopter crew had described the object as “flying saucer-shaped and circled by flashing lights,” it added.

“Err… ” not so, said the police.

South Wales Police can confirm its air support unit sighted an unusual aircraft. This was reported to the relevant authorities for their investigation,” police said in a brief statement, avoiding the use of the term ‘UFO’, or unidentified flying object.


Police spokesman deny there was a pursuit ( a “high speed putsuit”? With a helicopter? ) and say that the officers were never in danger.

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