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Three days after stealing a rare collection of coins, a thief in Germany took them to the bank for safe keeping – and delivered them into the hands of the man he had robbed.

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That’s some spicy pickle


A burglar in Poland who stole a dozen jars of home-made pickles was caught after choking on his ill-gotten gherkins.

Piotr Gorski was found spluttering and blue in the face just two streets away from the crime scene.


Cops slapped his back to dislodge the piece of pickle then slapped on the cuffs.

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Best if used by 2006…

NZ Herald

A Dargaville [NZ] man thought he had hit the jackpot when he discovered a full treasure chest on a local beach.

Locals found the wooden and leather trimmed case at Glinks Gully on Sunday night, after bad weather washed it ashore.

Geoff Nichols says when they dragged it to the dunes the latch fell off and it opened. He says it was full to the brim with Cadbury Crunchie bars and Milky Ways and all sorts of other goodies.

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Blow the man UFO down, boys!


A Lancashire man claims a tornado prevented a UFO from landing near where he stood. Pat Regan claims he was nearly blown off his feet in Rufford as he photographed the tornado during a fishing trip.

When he got home he enlarged the picture on his computer and spotted the UFO.


There suddenly seems to be a lot of stuff about UFO’s in the paper again.

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Robber is robbed

WFTV Orlando

A Kissimmee [Florida] man was arrested after he called police to report that he’d been robbed of the money he stole.

Police said, early Friday morning, John Opperman-Green robbed a 7-Eleven on Orange Blossom Trail. When he left the store, he tried to get a ride with some men he didn’t know. They robbed him of the money he had stolen and that’s when he called police.

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