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Radar tracked Stephenville UFO

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Federal Aviation Administration radar appears to confirm the presence of unidentified aircraft on Jan. 8 over the Stephenville-Dublin area, with at least one appearing to head toward President Bush’s Crawford Ranch, the same night that dozens of people reported seeing UFOs, according to a report released Thursday by a national group that studies reports of unidentified flying objects.

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Phaistos Disc fake? Gotcha!

Times Online

Some say that its 45 mysterious symbols are the words of a 4,000-year-old poem, or perhaps a sacred text. Others contest that they are a magical inscription, a piece of ancient music or the world’s oldest example of punctuation.

But now an American scholar believes that the markings on the Phaistos Disc, one of archaeology’s most famous unsolved mysteries, mean nothing at all — because the disc is a hoax.

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