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Global warming to spark rise in kidney stones…oh, come on.

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It may not be the most profound effect of global warming, but it could be the most painful: Climate change could bring a sharp increase in cases of kidney stones in Illinois and other Midwestern states, according to a new study.

Linking climate change to kidney stones seems odd, but it’s based on the solid medical finding that people in warm regions develop the condition at increased rates. Sweating in warm weather removes fluid from the body and increases the salt concentration in urine, which can spur the growth of kidney stones.


“Doom, despair and agony on me…….”

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World’s biggest family tree?

World’s biggest family tree?

A Somerset grandfather has spent £20,000 and 28 years tracing his family tree back 1,500 years.

Roy Blackmore found he is related to both William the Conqueror and Alfred the Great, reports The Sun. Now he wants a place in the Guinness Book of Records for working out the biggest family tree in the world.

Mr Blackmore, 76, from Taunton, identified 9,390 ancestors, including a Wild West cowboy, a French king and Civil War soldiers, dating back to 500AD.

He linked himself through 37 generations to William the Conqueror in the 11th Century and 45 generations to Alfred the Great in 880AD.

He began his research because he was orphaned as a child and wanted to learn more about his family.

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The world is a poorer place today. Olive Riley has died.


The Australian woman renowned as the world’s oldest internet blogger has made her final post, aged 108.

Olive Riley, of Woy Woy on NSW’s central coast, died in a nursing home just after 6am yesterday. She will be mourned by family and an international readership in the thousands.


I had the opportunity to correspond with this beautiful lady a few times and I, along with thousands of others, will miss her. God speed, Olive.

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Looking for a house pet? How about a 300 pound sheep?

Mail Online

In the Palmer household, Nick is just like any other young member of the family. He hogs the television, won’t go to his room – and has even been known to raid the biscuit barrel. Unlike the average child, however, he’s more than happy to mow the lawn.

The sheep – whose full name is Nick Boing, because of his ‘bouncy’ personality – was rescued by former coach driver David Palmer three years ago, when he was just a newborn.

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