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Global warming to spark rise in kidney stones…oh, come on.

More at chicagotribune.com

It may not be the most profound effect of global warming, but it could be the most painful: Climate change could bring a sharp increase in cases of kidney stones in Illinois and other Midwestern states, according to a new study.

Linking climate change to kidney stones seems odd, but it’s based on the solid medical finding that people in warm regions develop the condition at increased rates. Sweating in warm weather removes fluid from the body and increases the salt concentration in urine, which can spur the growth of kidney stones.


“Doom, despair and agony on me…….”

July 14, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. …deep dark depression, excessive misery

    Comment by Cuz | July 14, 2008

  2. Doubter! Saint Gore will get you for your wrong thinking.

    Comment by oldstersview | July 15, 2008

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