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You could say customers are flooding in

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The owner of a flooded restaurant in China scrapped plans to close it down – after business picked up. Diners in Xiangfan are enjoying the novelty of eating their meals in ankle-deep water, reports Xinhua Net.

News of the flooded restaurant spread and the restaurant is now packed with diners while waitresses say they are struggling to keep up with orders.

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Want to go for a ride to the Area 51 Gate?

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Japan’s belly button festival

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It was belly-up for thousands of people who indulged in a weekend of navel gazing at a festival dedicated to the belly button in central Japan.

Children and adults, many of them sporting painted stomachs, took part at the annual Belly Button Festival in Shibukawa, north of Tokyo, where dancing in the streets is compulsory.

“The belly button is traditionally believed to be located in the middle of the body and the most important part. Our town, Shibukawa, is also called the belly button of Japan, and that is how this festival began,” said festival organizer Kazuo Yamada.

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No right-of-way problems here…

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A German family has bought a six-tonne tank to use for shopping and day trips. Dad Joachim Schoeneich has even fitted a baby seat to the British-built Fox tank for his two-year-old son Paul.

The tank is armed with a disabled 30mm gun and has three-inch thick armour plating.

“We take the tank to go shopping and little trips,” laughed Joachim, from Neu Anspach. “It is a bit hard to find a parking place, but we get right of way at every junction.”

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Yeti hair?

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The hunt for the elusive creature [Yeti] – said to be 10ft tall, part man, part ape and otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman – has frustrated scientists for decades.

Now tests at Oxford Brookes University on hairs said to be from a Yeti in India have failed to link the strands with any known species.

Ape expert Ian Redmond, who is leading the research, said: “The hairs are the most positive evidence yet that a Yeti might possibly exist. It may be that the region this animal is inhabiting is remote enough for it to remain undiscovered so far.”

The two hairs – 33mm and 44mm long – were found in a jungle in the mountains of north-east India five years ago.

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Yum! Eel juice!

CBS News

It’s the hottest season of the year in Japan, and that means it’s eel season. So, bottom’s up!

A canned drink called “Unagi Nobori,” or “Surging Eel,” made by Japan Tobacco Inc., hit the nation’s stores this month just ahead of Japan’s annual eel-eating season, company spokesman Kazunori Hayashi said Monday.

“It’s mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer’s heat,” Hayashi said of the beverage, believed to be the first mass-produced eel drink in Japan.

Many Japanese believe eating eel boosts stamina in hot weather.

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