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8 feet tall

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A trip to pick blueberries last week bagged something much larger for a Grassy Narrows [Canada] woman and her mother.

On July 22, Helen Pahpasay and her mother left the Ontario First Nation, located about 80 km northeast of Kenora, to go berry picking. While driving in their truck to a spot about 25 km north of Grassy Narrows, Pahpasay said she spotted a tall, black creature roughly 15 metres ahead.

“It looked about eight feet tall and it was upright,” she said.

Pahpasay said she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her until her mother confirmed she was seeing the same thing in front of them.

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Man, 80, banned from running up the down escalator

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An 80-year-old former Olympic hurdler has been banned from running the wrong way up escalators.

Peter Hildreth, who represented Britain at three Olympic Games, was stopped from trying to recreate his old training regime from the 1950s at a department store by the manager.

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90 Year old “hogs” her birthday, sort of…

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A Dorset woman celebrated her 90th birthday by fulfilling a long held ambition – to ride a Harley Davidson motorbike.

Lou Symonds’ son, Graham, came up with the idea for the birthday surprise, reports the Dorset Echo.

The first Mrs Symonds knew was when a group of bikers arrived outside her home in Radipole, Weymouth, complete with leathers ready to take her for a spin.

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“Woman, 69, runs 69th marathon” So what’s your excuse?

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Devon pensioner Pauline Newsholme has just run her 69th marathon – at the age of 69.

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File under “Needs More To Do”


A Christian organization is pressuring the community of Elberton, Ga., to tear down a massive, granite monument that lists an alternative set of Ten Commandments that the organization labels satanic.

The monument, known as the Georgia Guidestones, was built under a cloud of mystery in 1980. It lists 10 commandments in eight different languages, including a call to establish a new world language, limit human population to 500 million and avoid being “a cancer on the Earth.”

“We have atheists and Satanists getting the Bible’s Ten Commandments removed from public property,” said Mark Dice, spokesman for the group The Resistance, “yet the satanic Georgia Guidestones have stood for decades, and nobody seems to care. Well, we do.”

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