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Ooops! Let’s see that Irish language dictionary again…


Seeing as how new search engine Cuil.com is, well, a search engine, its founders might have known that people could easily check online the company’s claim that the word “cuil” means “knowledge” in Irish. Because, in fact, it doesn’t.

Members of an online Irish language forum have been discussing the word and the company’s claims of its definition. They say the word is most often translated to mean “corner” or “nook,” but has sometimes been used for “hazel,” as in the nut.

An online Irish language dictionary defines cúil as “rear.” Another uses cuil to describe various kinds of flies. So while the word, or versions of it with and without accent marks, can mean a few different things, most Irish language enthusiasts say it doesn’t mean anything like knowledge, despite Cuil.com’s claims.

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