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BS in Ufology… or something like that

More at The Canberra Times

Talk of UFOs is often dismissed as fanciful, but at one Australian university at least, it has entered the realm of academia.

Melbourne University will this Saturday confer the first Australian doctorate of philosophy in ufology, the study of unidentified flying objects, upon Martin Plowman, a culture and communication student.

Science fiction buffs would be quick to realise that those who don’t quite catch his name will be able to quip: “Dr Who?”

Mr Plowman is writing a book on the subject that is due out in November. First-hand experience of UFOs has eluded him and he maintains a healthy scepticism about their existence.

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“Maybe using lighter fluid wasn’t such a good idea…” Ya think?

Link to Aftenposten.no

Instead of merely getting rid of wasps, a man from Fardal in Western Norway, ended up burning down the garage with his car inside. The wasps are gone, but so is the garage and car.

The senior citizen poured lighter fluid on a rag and lit it. He failed to notice that the woodpile containing the wasp’s nest also caught fire. By the time fire fighters arrived, both the garage and the man’s car were smouldering wrecks, writes daily newspaper Sogn Avis

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Way to go, Doc!

More at BBC NEWS | Health

A baby dying from kidney failure was saved when her doctor designed and built her a dialysis machine from scratch in his garage. Millie Kelly was too small for conventional NHS machines, so Dr Malcolm Coulthard and a colleague constructed a scaled-down version.

Two years later, her mother Rebecca says she is “fit as a fiddle”.

She, and Dr Coulthard, from Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, now want the machine to be available to others.

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Skate boarding tip: Watch out for skylights


A 14-year-old boy is recovering from multiple injuries after authorities say he plunged 40 feet through a skylight while on the gym roof of an Orange County high school to skateboard.

Sheriff’s deputy Darren Sandberg says the boy fractured his right wrist, ribs, pelvis and bruised his right lung. The teen was on the roof of Trabuco Hill High with three friends Sunday afternoon when the accident happened.

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