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When the Vatican hears about this it will be 5000 Our Fathers

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Sunbathers can now get closer to God without having to bother getting dressed – thanks to an inflatable church on the beach.

The ‘bouncy church’ – which takes just five minutes to inflate – is 30 metres long and 15 metres wide, complete with an altar and confessional booth.

The inflatable will be set up in Molise, on the Adriatic coast, on 9 August and is to be manned by a team of priests waiting to hear confession, give mass and sing holy music, reports The Daily Telegraph.


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Winging it marriage

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A daredevil couple are celebrating after getting hitched 1,000 feet in the air – on the wings of two planes.

Darren McWalters, 24, was strapped to the top wing of a biplane while his 23-year-old bride Katie Hodgson, wearing a traditional dress, flew alongside on the wing of an identical plane.

Rev George Bringham flew ahead on the wings of a third aircraft and married the couple – over an airborne communications system – with proceedings played through loud speakers to the congregation below, reports The Daily Telegraph.

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Dang budget cuts!

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