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Been rear ended? That’s a parking ticket for you.

Crashed car gets parking fine

A motorist was given a [$100]  ticket for bad parking when her car was shunted into a tree by another driver.

Joanne Billington was fined by an overzealous traffic warden after her Ford Ka, which she’d left parked, was hit by another driver.

“I was absolutely devastated,” the 27-year-old told Metro. “I just couldn’t believe what had happened. It was obvious the car had been crashed into but I still got a fine. It’s unbelievable that the attendant had the gall to issue one.”

Amazingly, despite the front end of the car being in the bushes, the traffic warden claimed he thought it had been parked that way.


The fine was later waived but only after publicity about the “functionally impaired” traffic warden.

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