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There! That’ll show WalMart and Lowes! What?! Wait!

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Walt Neidlinger spent years trying to keep a Wal-Mart-anchored shopping complex from being built near his Wind Gap [Pennsylvania] home.

The traffic would have been suffocating for their little community, neighbors argued, so when the massive retailer and its partners packed up their plans and left Plainfield Township last year, Neidlinger was ecstatic. He figured he’d wait for the next plan to come along and remembers thinking, ”What could be worse than Wal-Mart?”

Over the past year, Neidlinger says, he’s gotten an answer: RPM Recycling — the metal-shredding plant on the same land — causes daily noise that sounds like a freight train rumbling down the street, and frequent explosions that shake his walls.

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Good luck with the lawsuit

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A group of people claiming to be the heirs of the legendary Knights Templar are suing Pope Benedict XVI, seeking more than $150 billion for assets seized by the Catholic Church seven centuries ago.

They also want to restore the order’s good name. Founded in 1119, the Knights Templar was a secretive order of Christian warriors who protected pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem during the Crusades.


And pillaged all the way. Where do you think they got the money in the first place?

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Rolling Stones music…enough to wake the almost dead

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The Rolling Stones have been hailed unlikely life-savers after waking a British fan from a coma. Sam Carter lost consciousness after contracting severe anemia but came to when his favorite Stones track, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” was blasted into his ears.

Ironically, the single was the first the retired baker bought when he was a teenager in 1965.

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One point landing…upside down

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Emergency workers rescued two people from a small plane that became stuck in power lines while trying to land in Bavaria on Sunday.

The married couple was trapped in the single-engine plane for over two hours in the dangerous 380,000-volt electricity lines 18 metres off the ground close to the Durach airstrip near Kempten.

Suspended upside down and strapped in with their seatbelts, they had to wait for the fire brigade to secure the aircraft with two mobile cranes. According to police, the couple came through the dramatic episode in relatively good shape, but they were taken to a local hospital for observation.

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Fred Allen

“Hanging is too good for a man who makes puns; he should be drawn and quoted.”

Fred Allen

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