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Looking to catch a record fish? Get out your Barbie fishing pole.

Ananova – Record fish caught on toy rod

A man in the US has managed to catch and land a record-breaking catfish on a Barbie fishing rod just 2-and-a-half feet long.

David Hayes and his 3-year-old granddaughter Alyssa were angling in the pond behind his Wilkes County home when she asked him to hold her rod while she nipped to the loo…

Alyssa returned to find her grandad battling with the monster fish.

“She said, ‘Papa, you’re going to break my rod,’ because it was bent double,” said Mr Hayes. After 25 minutes, the pink plastic toy prevailed and Mr Hayes landed the 21 lbs,1oz catfish on the 6 lbs test line.

At 32 inches long, it was 2 inches longer than the rod.

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Stool Smuggler pigeon locked up

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A pigeon’s behind bars after being caught smuggling drugs into a high security jail in Bosnia. The bird is a pet of one of the inmates and it’s thought tiny bags containing heroin had been tied to its legs.

Wardens at Zenica prison grew suspicious when they noticed four prisoners becoming “visibly intoxicated” shortly after the pigeon was spotted landing on a window-ledge.

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You think this could be a scam? 2.2. pounds of gold for $19.28?

This “opportunity” just came in my email and it was too good to keep to myself.


Hello Dear,

We are small-scale local mining company in Ghana West Africa and we have Gold Dust for sale. We are looking for reliable buyer who will do long time business relationship to help us mine and get more production.

Quantity: 150kg
Quality: 23+Carrat Purity:
Price: $19.280 per kilo.
We have Rough Diamond in stock.123 to 9 Carat

with reasonable price.
Two type of Delivery:
(1) Shipment by sea

(2) Diplomatic courier service to your doorstep

We await your responds for clarifications. Thank you and God bless you,

Your faithful,
Lapaz Lima.


Diplomatic Courier Service even. How could you miss?

Oh, by the way…that bridge I bought in Brooklyn? I’ve decided to sell it. Anyone interested? (I can afford to be generous because I have won 23 lotteries in the last week alone.)

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