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New use for cows: compasses??

New Scientist

They could be the world’s smelliest magnets. Grazing cows tend to face the North and South Poles, claims a new study of 308 herds made using Google Earth satellite photos.

The ungulate’s orientation suggests that they, like migratory birds, sea turtles and monarch butterflies, tune into Earth’s magnetic fields, says Hynek Burda, a biologist at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.


This has all the earmarks of a gag but there’s quite a bit more at the link. Judge for yourself…

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How not to win votes

Over the last few weeks I have received three or four “letters” begging for money to suport Republican election efforts. All received the same treatment that all political money begging, of whatever party, receives in this house…they went promptly into the recycle bin. Today was different though. The one that came today was stamped, in big red letters, “PAST DUE”. Of all the unmitigated gall. I wonder how many people will see that red “Past Due” and think it is a legimate bill and send money.

Seems to me that borders on fraud. And I usually am in the GOP camp. Not this time. At least they helped me decide.

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Tuskegee Airman, Lt. Colonel Howard Lee Baugh has died

Link to FOXNews.com

Lieutenant Colonel Howard Lee Baugh, one of the original Tuskegee Airmen, has died. Baugh died Saturday at a suburban Richmond hospital after a brief illness. He was 88.

The Prince George County resident enlisted in the Army in 1942 and joined the all-black fighter group that trained at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.

Baugh flew 135 combat missions as part of the 332nd Fighter Group’s 99th Fighter Squadron in Sicily, Italy, during World War II. During his career, he won the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, the Air Force Commendation Medal and the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. In 2004, he was awarded the French Legion of Honor.


Rest in Peace, Colonel Baugh…And thank you.

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Been there, done that…

Quotations Page

“Adventure is just bad planning.”

"Adventure is just bad planning"

Roald Amundsen
Norwegian Arctic & Antarctic explorer

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