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Compulsive bike thief? Or just a nut?

bike thief

Canadian police say they have caught the world’s most prolific bike thief. Officers recovered 2,865 stolen bicycles from the owner of a Toronto bike shop, reports The Guardian.

Igor Kenk, 49, is awaiting trial on 58 charges of theft, attempted theft, possession of stolen goods and possession of burglary tools.


There’s more at the link above.

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Are priests supposed to notice beautiful women?

UPDATE: The whole thing has been called off. Father Antonio must have gotten some fatherly advice.

Beauty contest for nuns

A Catholic priest is staging the first ever beauty contest – for nuns. Father Antonio Rungi, from southern Italy, says he wants to shake of the dowdy image of nuns as “old and sad” looking. Now contestants are being invited to send their pictures to Father Antonio’s website where next month people can judge for themselves who the number one nun is.

“Do you think that all nuns are old and sad? It is not like that any more,” said Father Antonio in an advert in an Italian newspaper.

The priest is expecting up to 1,000 entrants and claims the contest was suggested by nuns fed-up with their plain stereotype.

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Thieves leave sympathy money

Thieves left money

A Brazilian woman says car thieves left her money instead of taking her car when they realized its poor condition.

Flavia Alcantara from Belo Horizonte, had left a note on the windscreen warning thieves that the car was not worth stealing. Her note read: “Mr Robber, please do not steal this car. It has no batteries, no spare tire. It is in bad shape. Thank you for your attention.”

Mrs Alcantara says someone later tried to steal the car but ended up leaving it – along with a one Reai banknote, worth the equivalent of 40p [about a dollar US].

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A howling good time

canine choir

Crooner Dog

Crooner Dog

Canine crooners have been auditioning to take part in a special doggy choir. The choir will create and perform a new song, called A Song For Jack, and also make a record.

The project is a musical tribute to legendary dog hero Swansea Jack. The black retriever became a hero in the 1930s for rescuing drowning swimmers from Swansea’s docks.

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Councillor does an “ABOUT FACE!”

Lancashire Evening Post

A councillor is threatening to block Big-Brother-style CCTV cameras from spying on his house – by letting his trees grow. Coun[cillor] Albert Richardson claims the surveillance cameras near his home on Ribbleton Avenue can monitor visitors to his house and are invading neighbours’ privacy.

Coun Richardson backed the cameras when they were set up almost 18 months ago – but is now fuming as one has been erected close to his front door.

He said: “I didn’t expect one to go up where it has gone up. There are people watching me coming and going outside my house. I am not too pleased about it at all so I’m letting my trees grow.”

But in April 2007 when the new cameras were announced, Coun[cillor] Richardson told The Evening Post: “I live right in the middle of St Matthew’s ward so I welcome this. It is sad to say it because no-one likes being spied on by these cameras, but when I think of the vulnerable people who live in St Matthew’s ward, I do think this is needed.”


What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, Councillor.

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