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You know that Hadron Collider that is supposed to start up next week and turn the Earth, and maybe the entire universe, into a black hole? Don’t fret. According to medium Blossom Goodchild, who “channels messages from the cosmic beings known as “The Federation of Light”, the beings she channels will be arriving on October 14, 2008, which is well after the start of the Collider so obviously the Collider isn’t going to destroy the Earth. This information comes to us, through Blossom, from a “Native American by the name of White Cloud” (who else?) so you just know it is authentic. Maybe.

But, just in case, be sure to have clean underwear on next Wednesday. You wouldn’t want to disappear into a black hole without fresh underwear on…

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Deputy Bear


Investigators in Utah say that a large black bear raided a clandestine marijuana growing operation so often that it chased the grower away. Deputies found food containers ripped apart and strewn everywhere, cans with bear teeth marks, claw marks and bear prints across the camp in Garfield County, Utah, on Tuesday.

“This bear is definitely law-enforcement minded,” said Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins. “If I can find this bear I’m going to deputize him.”

Perkins said the operation on Boulder Mountain included 4,000 ‘starter’ sacks of pot and 888 young plants.

“This particular bear apparently was not going to give up and basically chased these marijuana farmers away,” Perkins said.



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If you put lipstick on tattoo a pig it’s still a pig

Tattooed pigs make art

An artist is preparing to exhibit pigs tattooed with Louis Vitton logos and designs in China. Wim Delvoye, a Belgian living in Beijing, raised and tattooed eight pigs himself – two of them with LV artwork, reports People’s Daily.

The Shanghai Exhibition Centre has agreed to put the pigs on display in a temporary pig pen for the upcoming 2008 Contemporary Art Exhibition, on condition the pigs don’t create an unpleasant odour.

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80mph skateboarder

80mph skateboarder

German police are looking for a skateboarder who was filmed travelling around 80mph on a motorway. The skater can be seen on a clip on YouTube hanging onto a motorbike to get up to speed before letting go and whizzing downhill along an autobahn.

German autobahns often have no speed restrictions but the picturesque stretch of road concerned outside Goeppingen, near Stuttgart, has a limit of 80km/h.

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Thirsty? Got $300,000?

Seabed champagne – at a price

Two hundred bottles of champagne stuck on the seabed for more than 80 years are being sold at an exclusive Russian hotel Рfor £156,000 a bottle.

The 1907 vintage bubbly had been sent to the Russian royal family in 1916 from the Heidsieck vineyard but the ship carrying them sank off the Finnish coast.

The wreck was only discovered in 1997 when divers found the undamaged bottles which were later bought by the Carlton Ritz Hotel in Moscow.

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What do you think, Boss? Should we trash the place?

More at bit of a brute

“The tiny Chihuahua is the second most destructive dog you can have in your home”… second only to the Great Dane.

El Destructos

The El Destructo Gang

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‘At’sa some zucchini…

giant zucchini

Six foot zucchini

Six foot zucchini

…A Queens woman has taken homegrown fruits and vegetables to a whole new level by cultivating a 6-foot-long zucchini in her backyard.

Green-fingered Apollonia Castitlione grew the giant Long Italian zucchini during the warm summer months using nothing more than fertilizer, water and a little TLC…

Castitlione, 48, said she noticed the giant fruit was growing longer than usual last month when it suddenly shot up a couple of inches in as many days… At last count, the zucchini was just over 6 feet – nearly 2 feet shy of the world-record 7-foot, 10-inch zucchini grown in India three years ago.

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