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You know that Hadron Collider that is supposed to start up next week and turn the Earth, and maybe the entire universe, into a black hole? Don’t fret. According to medium Blossom Goodchild, who “channels messages from the cosmic beings known as “The Federation of Light”, the beings she channels will be arriving on October 14, 2008, which is well after the start of the Collider so obviously the Collider isn’t going to destroy the Earth. This information comes to us, through Blossom, from a “Native American by the name of White Cloud” (who else?) so you just know it is authentic. Maybe.

But, just in case, be sure to have clean underwear on next Wednesday. You wouldn’t want to disappear into a black hole without fresh underwear on…

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  1. October 14th isnt good for me, can they reschedule?


    If only we knew, then we could all go have a spending spree since I doubt we would need cash in aq black hole 😉

    Comment by Mike | September 6, 2008

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