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Sorry, Charlie. (Better late than never…I guess)

Mail Online

The Church of England will tomorrow officially apologise to Charles Darwin for misunderstanding his theory of evolution. In a bizarre step, the Church will address its contrition directly to the Victorian scientist himself, even though he died 126 years ago.

But the move was greeted with derision last night, with Darwin’s great-great-grandson dismissing it as ‘pointless’ and other critics branding it ‘ludicrous’.

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He’s baaaack…


AP Photo/Scheiber

AP Photo/Scheiber

A wax model of Adolf Hitler [was placed] on display at Madame Tussaud in Berlin, Saturday Sept. 13, 2008. Madame Tussaud’s says it has returned a wax figure of Adolf Hitler to its newly opened Berlin branch weeks after the statue was beheaded by a 41-year-old German. Madame Tussaud’s says the figure can be viewed sitting at a desk in a replica of the Nazi leader’s bunker. The branch says it does not allow visitors to enter the bunker in order to ensure the figure’s protection.

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Six miles??

UK News

The [UK]  war on drivers is moving up a gear with a high-tech speed camera that tracks cars for up to six miles. The long-reach traps will enforce limits over large stretches, including motorways, accident blackspots and some residential areas.

But critics last night claimed the equipment was just another cash cow to swell Government coffers.

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