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37-year silence on UFO radar mystery

Scotland on Sunday

It is a close encounter of the official kind. A former RAF officer has claimed that UFOs are real and may have invaded UK airspace, branding official resistance to such theories as “stupid and arrogant”.
Wing Commander Alan Turner MBE was sworn to secrecy after he tracked a series of unidentified objects soaring over southern England at incredible speeds.

But now the airman, who was honoured by the Queen for his years of distinguished service, has

broken his silence and spoken publicly for the first time about his extraordinary experience. Turner, 64, a former head of air traffic control at RAF Lossiemouth, insists it is “stupid and arrogant” to rule out the existence of extra-terrestrials and is open to the suggestion that he witnessed craft from another world.

But the Ministry of Defence stressed last night there were “realistic explanations” for such reports.

The incident, which has baffled and haunted Turner for decades, took place at RAF Sopley on the south-west coast of England in the summer of 1971.


If there was a “realistic explanation” why was he sworn to silence? Why not publish the incident and explanation and be done with it?

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