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Chicken pot is ancient treasure

A Chinese farmer is ecstatic after discovering a chicken feed pot he bought from a neighbour for a few pennies is a 1,000-year-old treasure. Liu Shuxuan, of Chongqing, purchased the pot from his neighbour five years ago, reports Chongqing Business Daily.

“It was broken into pieces then, but I thought the flower pattern looked very ancient, so I bought it from him for about 10 yuan 80p,” he said.

Liu glued the pieces together and took it to the Henan Provincial Cultural Relics Research Centre to determine its value. He hoped it was worth more than he paid for it – but was amazed to discover that it was a rare treasure from the Song Dynasty, dating back more than 1,000 years.


Value? About $1.5 million. Only three others are known to exist.

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The Paranormal Examiner has a list of “101 Signs That You’ve Encountered A Ghost”. Here’s the first five. The rest are at the link.

1. You feel like you’re being watched from a ceiling corner of the room.
2. You see unexplained lights in houses when no one is home.
3. Your dog freaks out over something you can’t see, cowers and runs from the room, or refuses to enter the room.
4. Your cat stares at a certain spot, his hair raises, he hisses and bolts from the room.
5. You see a transparent human form walking around.

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Crime tip: When robbing a bank, don’t leave before getting the money

More at globeandmail.com

Wearing a cape, mask and surgical gloves, a would-be bank robber succeeded only in turning heads Tuesday after he walked into a Toronto [bank] branch, demanded cash, fled before staff could get it, and left a box filled with drywall that he said was a bomb.

Police were first called after the man walked into the TD Canada Trust bank at 904 Queen Street East, at Logan Avenue, around 3:11 p.m., Toronto police Staff Sergeant Donald Hale said. The man demanded cash, but fled soon after before crews could pass any over.

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There’s no legal requirement that you answer your cell phone


You’re walking down a switchback trail on Mount Whitney, it’s night and completely dark and your phone rings. Here’s a tip: Don’t answer it. Return the call later.

A man talking on a cell phone walked off a cliff in the Mt. Whitney region Sunday, prompting an all-night Inyo County Search and Rescue team response.

The man was described as a 28 year old from Brea, CA. After reaching the summit of Whitney, the hiker had descended the mountain in the dark. He was in the switchbacks above Lone Pine Lake, when he was distracted by a cell phone call. The victim then apparently walked off the trail and fell 25 feet off a small cliff.

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