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Insult added to injury

ticketed for jaywalking

A man who was hit by a truck near the city’s [Boise, Idaho] downtown was also slapped with a citation. Boise police ticketed Ebrahim Balah, 62, for jaywalking shortly after the accident Wednesday.

Police said Balah suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

Police said he was hit by a passenger truck while trying to cross a busy one-way street. Officials said the section Balah tried crossing is not a designated walkway and pedestrians are not permitted to cross.

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Sometimes getting paid is like pulling teeth

The Local

A disgruntled dentist in the Bavarian town of Neu-Ulm is under investigation for assault and theft after forcibly retrieving unpaid dental work from the mouth of his patient.

According to police, the dentist knocked on the door of the 35-year-old woman on Monday evening and without saying a word overpowered her and removed two bridges that he had previously fitted to replace teeth he had pulled. Although the woman’s insurance covered part of the costs, she had apparently failed to pay the remaining €400 for the dental work.

He then left silently, but the woman went to the police to press charges.

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Cannabis yes, tobacco no.

Cannabis smoker

A cannabis smoker was fined by Dutch police – because his joint contained tobacco. Holland has kept its liberal policy on cannabis smoking in the country’s “coffee shops”, even after a public smoking ban was introduced in Dutch cafes and restaurants last July.

An Amsterdam police spokesman admitted it could be difficult to understand the current policy of allowing smokers to puff away on pure cannabis while fining tobacco users, reports the Daily Telegraph.

“For logic it is sometimes impossible to explain, even to the Dutch,” he said. “The man was not fined for smoking a cannabis joint but for smoking. You can smoke cannabis but not tobacco in coffee shops.”

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At least he stayed off an Autobahn…

175 mile trip – by combine

A German farmer caused traffic chaos after setting off on a 175-mile trip to visit a pal – in a combine harvester.

Arnold Gerber, 28, from Altenkirchen, set off in the evening to avoid heavy traffic but soon caused a five mile tailback himself. He was stopped by police 30 miles into his journey and fined for driving too slowly – at the harvester’s top speed of 15mph.

Gerber said: “I took the combine harvester because I have never had a licence for a car, only a tractor. I did not think I would be doing anything wrong.

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Need something else to worry about?

Actual headline from Wenatchee, Washington Daily World:

“Huckleberry Shortage Increases Chances Of Bear Encounters”

The End is near.

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Newest terrorist weapon: hot dogs


A pack of hotdogs posed such a threat at a stadium in Philadelphia that the whole building had to be evacuated. Fans enjoying the match at the Citizens Bank Park had to be rushed out during the game when several suspicious packages wrapped tightly in duct tape were found outside of the buildings ticket office.

A bomb squad was called and discovered that the boxes were full of hotdogs.

However, officials didn’t want to take any chances, and the hotdogs were detonated.

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You’ve heard of pushcarts. How about Pushplanes?

Airport workers get the push

A Chinese airport shocked passengers and flight crew – by sending 30 workers to push a faulty plane off a runway. It took them nearly two hours to push the CRJ7 plane, with 69 passengers and seven-strong crew on board, less than half a mile to a side lane.

“Thank God, it was only a 20 ton medium-sized airplane. If it had been a big plane, it would have knocked us out,” said one man, who said he had never experienced anything like it in ten years working at the airport.

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airbags for the elderly

Prop, a Tokyo-based company, said it has created an airbag that can inflate in 0.1 seconds if it starts moving quickly towards the ground. The device is strapped around the body – giving protection to the head and hips. However, the cushions that suddenly inflate only work if the fall victim slides backwards.

Almost as good as a trampoline

Almost as good as a trampoline

Mitsuya Uchida, the president of Prop, said the invention was targeted at old people with epilepsy, who were particularly vulnerable to sudden – and dangerous – falls.

The cushions weigh 2-and-a-half pounds each and are tied around the waist. They are activated by electric sensors which can feel a sudden movement. As soon as the alarm is set off, 15 litres of compressed air are injected into the inflatable pads – puffing them up to protect the most vulnerable parts of the body.

But with a £700 [$1400] price tag, the new invention is only available for those with a big pension – or rich children with a strong sense of parental duty.

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