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Has your coffee been tasting odd lately?

Our Strange World

It wasn’t just the caffeine that gave an eastern Iowa woman an extra jolt when she had her morning cup of coffee. It was the bat she found in the coffee filter.

Officials with the Iowa Department of Public Health said the woman reported seeing a bat in her house but wasn’t overly worried about it…she turned on her automatic coffee maker before she went to bed and had her coffee the next morning. [And] discovered the bat in the filter in the coffee maker when she went to clean it out that night.

Officials said the woman, who wasn’t identified, underwent treatment for rabies.

…the bat was sent to a state lab for testing but its brain was too cooked by the heat of the brewing water to determine if it had rabies.

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No bears at Juneau airport…no people either

Link to Alaska airport

The airport serving Alaska’s capital city doesn’t have to worry about bears coming around anytime soon. Juneau International Airport had to be evacuated Friday afternoon because of an accidental discharge of anti-bear spray.

The chemical comes in a canister like pepper spray but is used to defend against attacking bears.

Fire Chief Eric Mohrman says the spray spread through the building via the ventilation system. The terminal had to be cleared and the building aired out. One person was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

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How many transgender students do they have?

Manchester Evening News

Students say new signs on toilets at their union building might be making their WC just a ‘bit too PC’.

The traditional sign on the door of the Gents has been temporarily replaced with one that says ‘toilets with urinals’. And the sign on the Ladies now simply says ‘toilets’ in a move to make the lavatories more inclusive for trans-gender students.

The signs on the toilets in the basement of Manchester University students’ union were changed after a meeting of the union’s executive in the summer. It is thought the temporary ones will be replaced with permanent new signs in the near future.

Jennie Killip, women’s officer at the students’ union, put forward the idea of installing the new signs after receiving complaints from trans-gender students about the facilities.


The mind boggles at the heights that political correctness is reaching in the UK.

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No wonder she walked funny…


From “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to “Death Row” the titles of DVDs stolen from Kmart seemed to foreshadow the luck of one would-be shoplifter.

A Michigan City woman pulled 19 items out of her pants — including 10 DVDs — Thursday after police were called to investigate a theft report.

A loss prevention agent at Kmart, 750 Indian Boundary Road, on Thursday stopped Tina Yeakey, 32, of Michigan City, and her friend in the parking lot for suspected shoplifting.

According Chesterton police, the investigating officer dumped out Yeakey’s purse and found two dental kits, a bottle of cologne, one toy car, 12 packs of Ponds Facial Strips, a bottle of antifungal cream, two fingernail kits and two bottles of foundation primer were stolen from the store.

The officer then asked if she had taken anything else. She replied “no,” according to police.

When informed that she would be patted down by the officer, Yeakey unbuttoned her pants and pulled out 10 DVDs, a Play Station video game, a pair of white tube socks, a black and red bra, a black and red pair of women’s underwear with the word “pouty” printed on them, three pairs of size 4T boys underwear and two women’s rings.

Yeakey also handed over to police a utility knife that she used to open the packages in the store.

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Gorilla Run

There’s video at Hundreds go ape

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of east London dressed as gorillas to raise money for charity.

About 750 runners joined in the sixth annual 7km Great Gorilla Run, which is thought to be a world record for the largest gathering of people wearing gorilla costumes.

The event was staged by The Gorilla Organisation, a charity which protects the endangered species in central African rainforests.

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Curses! Foiled Again!

Rousson…go home

A Frenchman inspired by the classic film ET is hoping to become the first person to cross the English Channel in a pedal-powered airship.

It is Rousson’s second attempt at crossing the 28-mile stretch across one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes after he was forced to postpone the challenge in June due to strong winds.


Unfortunately the winds foiled this attempt also. Rousson was forced to give it up just eleven miles short of France, a little more than half way across the Channel. His airship is so light that any wind above 2 knots means that he has to abort and winds that light are rare in the Channel.

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Shelves for all your gadgets

do-it-your-shelf dress

These are exciting times in high fashion. At last, designers are showing outfits that are are useful

You take this dress, shown this week in Milan. The concept is perfection itself, making it easy to carry everything you need for an evening out.

The handy top shelf holds lipstick, cell phones, dental floss, etc. Below that, the larger shelves hold bigger stuff: fried chicken, tasers, canned goods, Hummel figurines… And, the sturdy bottom shelf displays reference books, small dogs and decorative shrubbery


Do you ever get the idea that “high fashion” designers hate women?

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