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“You can lead a horse to water beer…”

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A Tyneside pub has banned one of its regulars – a 12-year-old carthorse. Peggy [the horse] first wandered inside the Alexandra Hotel in Jarrow when owner Pete Dolan, 62, forgot to tether her properly while he popped in for a pint.

She quickly found she loved supping John Smith’s bitter and chomping down beef crisps with the other drinkers, reports the Daily Mirror.

But now the pub has had a makeover and landlady Jackie Gray, 46, has decided hoofprints are no longer welcome on the new carpets.

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This guy better stock up on lottery tickets

More at Man catches bullet in false teeth

A terrified man survived an assassin’s bullet when it ricocheted off his wife’s cheek – and he caught it in his false teeth. The miraculous escape happened in Zagreb, Croatia, as the two men started [fighting] about an overdue debt.

Within minutes one pulled out a pistol and blasted the couple at point blank range.

“He was so close you’d think that one or both of them would be dead instantly,” said one police source in Zagreb, Croatia.

But the bullet just grazed the cheekbone of terrified blonde Mirna Cavlovic and carried straight on towards her husband Stipe, 37. Then amazingly the shot got caught in Stipe’s dentures and fell harmlessly to the ground.

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