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Crime tip: Make sure your getaway car is big enough to haul the loot

Getaway car too small

Two armed robbers who hijacked a security van had to leave more than £400,000 behind – because their getaway vehicle was too small.

The robbers escaped with the equivalent of £300,000 from the heist near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, reports the Daily Telegraph. But police said they had been forced to abandon more than half the cash because their small getaway car could not carry it all.

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Pimp my bike, indeed.

Ananova – World’s most blinged-up bike

Scandinavian design company Aurumania has launched a limited edition run of the world’s most blinged-up bike. At just over £60,000, the Gold Bike Crystal Edition is believed to be the most expensive bicycle ever made.

Each of the ten produced, is hand-built and gold-plated with 24-carat gold, and decked out with over 600 Swarovski crystals.

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For Sale: One haunted mansion

Ghosts drive millionaire out

Ghost Manor?

Ghost Manor?

A millionaire businessman says ghosts forced him to flee his 52-room Nottinghamshire mansion.

Clifton Hall was bought by Anwar Rashid for £3.6m in 2007, but he has now handed it back to the bank, reports the BBC. Mr Rashid claimed that during the eight months the family lived there they were haunted by mysterious figures and found unexplained blood stains on bedclothes.

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