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Pssst! Hey, buddy! Wanna buy an embassy?

A German fraudster has been arrested in Rome after trying to sell the US embassy building there – a palace on the Via Veneto…

Italian media reported that not only was he offering the US embassy for sale, he also claimed to have sole rights to sell the headquarters of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The Local

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Mmmmm! Donuts!

…there are a number of theories as to where doughnuts came from. One thing we know for sure is that the doughnut was born from the age-old desire to avoid waste. Since we’ve been making bread, the question has always been what to do with the multitude of leftover dough scraps. Cooks in Holland and Germany began dropping their extra dough into boiling oil, creating fry-cakes. The Dutch took it a step further, shaping the fried bits into decorative knots dough knots, a clear precursor to the term we use today and rolling them in sugar afterward. Thus was born the delicious doughnut. Apparently, the Puritans discovered the confection during their time in Holland and brought it along with them to the New World.


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If you’re looking for Joe’s ghost, you’re too late.

A hundred years and a thousand storytellers have blurred the legend of the Maco Light, but most versions go like this:

Joe Baldwin, a brakeman, was traveling on the last car of an Atlantic Coast Line train when it suddenly became uncoupled from its train. Joe realized that another train, following close behind, would collide with his car. He ran to the back of the car, wildly swinging his lantern to get the attention of the engineer, to no avail. His head was severed in the crash, but his spirit hung around.

Joe, the story goes, walked the tracks looking for his head, railroad lantern in hand, night after night…

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people claim to have seen the Maco Light, a ghostly, shining orb that hovered over the tracks of the old Atlantic Coast Line railroad…

Folks agree, basically, on just one point: If Joe Baldwin ever was out there with his ghostly lantern, he doesn’t walk there any more.

“The railroad tore up the tracks there, back in the ‘70s, and it hasn’t been seen since,“ said Stanley Waldrip, president of the Cape Fear Paranormal Investigations Group, an association of volunteer ghost hunters.

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Anyone seen my beach?

Police in Jamaica are investigating the suspected theft of hundreds of tons of sand from a beach on the island’s north coast.

It was discovered in July that 500 truck-loads had been removed outside a planned resort at Coral Spring beach. Detectives say people in the tourism sector could be suspects, because a good beach is seen as a valuable asset to hotels on the Caribbean island.

BBC: theft of beach

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