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How to succeed in politics without even trying…just stay out of jail

A British expat who speaks only a few words of Spanish has become the “accidental mayor” of a town on the Costa Blanca.

Mark Lewis, 58, has been left in charge in San Fulgencio after the mayor, deputy mayor and four senior councillors were all taken into police custody following corruption allegations.

Mr Lewis was given the title as he is one of only two councillors from the ruling coalition not to be arrested, reports the Daily Telegraph.

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A police force put 26 of its cars out of action by filling up with the wrong fuel, it was reported.

Officers working for North Wales Police cost the taxpayer nearly £3,000 in the last 12 months by pumping gallons of petrol into their diesel engines, reported the Welsh Daily Post.

In 2006 the force introduced bright yellow filler cap covers marked with the word “diesel”. But that did not stop officers making the same mistake 26 times.

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Your baggage may be slightly delayed.

A Delta baggage worker got a bit of a fright before Halloween when she opened a jetliner’s cargo door and found a cheetah running loose amid the luggage. Two cheetahs were being flown in the cargo area of a Boeing 757 passenger flight from Portland, Ore., to Atlanta on Thursday when one escaped from its cage, Delta spokeswoman Betsy Talton said Friday.

“They told us a large animal had gotten out of a container in the cargo hold and they were having to send someone to tranquilize it,” said one passenger, Lee Sentell of Montgomery, Ala.

He said luggage was delayed, but baggage handlers promised to send his bags to him in Alabama.

The good news for passengers: The escaped cheetah didn’t damage any of their luggage.

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Comment on Comments

It’s rare that I don’t post a comment but I got one this morning that I didn’t post for three reasons. Here it is: “ppl got pic youll got their next time try to see if ull could get her face closer.” So why didn’t I post it? Three reasons: firstly it is so “cleverly” written that it is unintelligible and second, the email address that was given on it is not valid and third, the listed web site doesn’t exist.

I’m always interested in your comments but comments like the one above raise too many red flags.

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