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Apparently tattooed pigs aren’t “art”.


Pigs tattooed with Louis Vuitton designer logos have been banned from an art exhibition.

The pigs with the trademark LV symbol and other designs were to form part of an exhibition at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair.

via Ananova – Tattooed pigs banned from exhibition

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Ominous Swiss blood trail leads directly to…a butcher shop

Swiss police can be excused for fearing the worst. Acting on emergency calls Monday night, they hurried to a rural road in northern Switzerland where horrified motorists reported a long trail of blood — what they believed was evidence of a brutal crime.

A police statement Tuesday said officers followed the blood for 12 miles to the town of Kuettigen only to find that a butcher’s supply van had spilled its cargo.

A barrel of pork blood had overturned inside. The van had been headed for a local sausage factory.

via Swiss police follow blood trail

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