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A bitter ale for bitter times?


As central bankers try to prop up an ailing global economy with financial bailouts, a tiny Western Canadian brewery has stepped into the battle with what it bills as a recession-fighting ale.

Howe Sound Brewery began selling Bailout Bitter at its pub in Squamish, British Columbia, on Wednesday, and is awaiting permission to begin selling bottles of the brew in stores in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

Howe Sound co-owner Leslie Fenn said the ale, which is similar to a British extra special bitter, was an attempt to inject some humour into tough economic times. It carries the slogan “A bitter ale for bitter times.”

In keeping with the tight financial times, it will be sold at a lower price than the brewery’s other ales.

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The oldest joke?

Monty Python’s famous Dead Parrot sketch was based on one written 1,600 years ago in Ancient Greece.

Historians have revealed it is in the world’s oldest joke book – entitled Philogelos, or The Lover of Laughter, reports The Sun.

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Where’s the complaint department?

A wanna-be Pennsylvania bank robber threatened to file a complaint with the bank manager when he arrived at the bank and found that the teller’s drawers had not yet been filled with the day’s cash.

A driveup customer noticed what was going on, called 911, and the police arrested him 10 blocks away.

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