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I bet they dog paddle

Two sheepdogs have become honorary members of a Chinese swimming club. Four-year-old Paris and her six-month-old pup Carlo swim at least 5km each day in the Jialing River in Chongqing, reports the Chongqing Morning Post.

The dogs are now the most popular members of the city winter swimming team – and even have their own shower cubicle.

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…Only a bird in a gilded cage…except no gilding


A Chinese family built a giant birdcage for themselves to sit inside in their backyard. The 16ft high cage has a table and four chairs for people to sit on , reports the People’s Daily.

It sits behind the home of Zhu Hu at the foot of Yuhuang mountain, a local beauty spot, in Hangzhou. Zhu says his hobby of keeping birds gave him the inspiration to make a human-sized cage for his family and friends to relax in.

“It feels very secure and happy spending time inside the birdcage. And also it lets us realise how birds must feel,” he said.

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