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Newborn flying high…33,000 feet high

Finnair says a Swedish woman gave birth to a girl 33,000 feet over Kazakhstan on a flight from Bangkok to Helsinki.

The Finnish national carriers spokesman Christer Haglund says mother and baby are fine. They were met at the airport by a medical team.

Two doctors and two nurses were among the 227 passengers on the 11-hour flight aboard the MD-11 aircraft. They assisted the birth Thursday with the aid of a satellite link to a medical service.

via News- msnbc.com

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Right place, right time

A student opera singer telephoned for a last-minute concert ticket and was instead offered a lead role.

Adriano Graziani, 32, was asked if he would stand in for the tenor who had fallen ill with a cold, reports The Times. He had called up for tickets to a gala concert last month by the Welsh National Opera at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

He had less than two hours to remind himself of the scores and make his way to the venue for a last-minute rehearsal. And his performance was so well-received that he has been asked to perform a lead role with the WNO in a production of La Bohème next year.

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They’re baaaack…

The Pied Piper might be needed again in Hamelin – because the rats are back. An abandoned allotment site on the edge of the German town has become a haven for rats, reports the BBC.

According to legend, in 1284 Hamelin – called Hameln in Germany – was infested with rats but a Pied Piper lured them out of town by playing a pipe.

Next year the town plans to mark the 725th anniversary of the Pied Piper conquering the plague, with various events including a huge children’s procession.

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