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The black chicken tracks prove it, right?


A Brevard County, Florida, couple have a house for sale with some unusual characteristics that they believe makes it worth big bucks and worthy of a tax exemption as a religious shrine. It has a “crop circle” in the front yard and black chicken tracks all over the kitchen cabinets and walls. (Picture above)

The way they figure it is that they were visited by extra-terrestrials after a party that the wife threw for her husband’s 40th birthday. After the 40 or 50 biker friends she invited left around 2 AM the couple went to bed. When they woke the following afternoon at around 1:30 PM there was a “crop circle” in the front yard and black chicken tracks all over the cabinets and neatly patterned on the walls like a decorative strip. Naturally they figured extra-terrestrials were responsible. I mean what else could it have been? And the dead chicken with the black painted feet was right there in the middle of the kitchen floor which surely proves it.

Incidentally, the Brevard County tax authorities are turning a cold eye on the tax exemption thing. Bunch of unbelievers apparently, even after the male half of the couple explained that “Our home has been blessed by extraterrestrial beings and should be exempted as a place of worship…We’re pretty sure they came during the night of my 40th birthday party…We got a friggin’ shrine here.”

In case you are interested in buying the 1200 square foot house the asking price is $349,000

via Our Strange World

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  1. Kinda makes you wonder if they partook of the “Holy” herb…

    Comment by rapcomp | November 24, 2008

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